End of an Era: Coach Wilson Moves to Tennessee
Mark Wilson has accepted a position with the Oak Ridge Rowing Association in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Mark has been a driving force in the development of the sport of rowing in Bloomington over the past ten years. The formation of the Indiana University Varsity Rowing program and the IU Rowing Club were accomplished on Mark's watch. Mark established a community rowing program at Indiana University and was the founder of Riddle Point Rowing Association. It would be hard to find someone in the Bloomington rowing community that has not been influenced by Mark.

We are very excited about the opportunity that Mark has to be a part of a great rowing organization at a world-class rowing venue. The Melton Lake Rowing Venue is a Tennessee Valley Authority lake located on the Clinch River system. Mark says you can row for a hundred miles. I expect he will. Mark will continue and further develop programs with All American Rowing Camps. I cannot imagine a more satisfying rowing experience than those I have had at Mark's camps. I plan to continue going and I hope you do too.

We will miss Mark and Judy and Hunter and Kaycee. They are special people (except for Kaycee, he is a special dog) and their absence in Bloomington will be felt. We wish them good fortune and smooth water.

Rudy Fields

President RPRA

Thursday, February 21, 2008