Riddle Point Collaborates with Boys & Girls Club and Moves to New Location
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Breaking news! The move to Boys and Girls Club has been approved. Riddle Point Rowing will be moving to the Lake Lemon Boys and Girls Club site. RPR Board members are very excited about this move and believe it will allow us to grow our club and will help support the Boys and Girls Club mission. Thanks to IU for their support of RPR.

Riddle Point Rowing Inc., has been undergoing structural changes over the past several months to better serve our members in the form of access, programming and self government.

"No Experience Needed" is not a common phrase when it comes to a technical sport such as rowing but we like to encourage anyone with the desire to ply the waters to come and see how to get started with one of our programs.

Right now is one of the best times to row and to Celebrate RPRA is beginning a new season with some new programs!