Club Buys Hudson Double
Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008
Riddle Point Rowing has a new boat! We have purchased a 2003 Hudson mid-weight double. A mid-weight boat is generally rated for an average crew weight of 155 lbs. to 175 lbs. People tell me she will work nicely with a somewhat heavier crew. She is white and has wing riggers. She was reportedly damaged and completely restored by Hudson at their London, Ontario facility prior to our purchase.

This is our first big purchase outside of the equipment we bought from IU and we are very excited to get the new boat on the water. The board believes the double will give us more scheduling flexibility and help our rowers improve their skills. It is our goal to keep upgrading our equipment to ensure that we have the available seats and quality of equipment that will keep our rowers challenged and, more importantly, looking really good. The folks at Hudson Boatworks really worked with us on the price and were great to deal with. Ken Sutton and I met Jeff McIntyre and the Hudson trailer at the Cloverdale exit on I70 and brought her home. We will be making sure that the rowers that use the double are checked out in that boat, but we want everyone rowing her as soon as possible.