>> $25,000 Closer to Boathouse <<

The Bloomington Boys & Girls Club (B&GC) has informed RPRA that a donor has said she will make a donation to the B&GC for a project to be named for her and her husband. Jeff Baldwin, the Executive director at B&GC has indicated that B&GC will utilize that gift to facilitate building a boathouse at Camp Rock. This gift is exactly what we needed to make something happen. We have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and some money to prepare the Site and RPRA will still invest money in the project. The RPRA board has unanimously committed to providing $25,000.00 or approximately 33% of the overall cost for the initial project. We are assessing fundraising opportunities and we will be having a full membership meeting very shortly to talk about the project.

The architect’s rendering was provided to B&GC by Mr. Doug Bruce of Tabor Bruce Architecture and Design. The building will be a two-story structure with the first phase being the construction of the base structure as a lockable shell. There will be two bays (four post lines) for boat rack storage. The shed-roof porches will be utilized for activities and as covered storage. The concrete apron area in front of the building will be an approach to the boathouse and the Camp Rock basketball court. The second floor build out will happen in phases as funding becomes available. The upstairs will consist of at least 3 rooms for educational and recreational use. We may have an ERG room, how exciting! It is impossible to anticipate all of the potential uses this building will have, but the ability to secure and keep our equipment out of the weather will greatly extend the useful life of our gear.

Please thank the B&GC folks if you get the chance. Jeff’s leadership and unwavering positive attitude has been critical to the success we have had. We must always remember that we a part of the B&GC team. We are doing good things, but they are taking it to another level. At Camp Rock kids will get a chance to hang out at Lake Lemon, fish off the dock, paddle canoes and generally have a good time. It is the hard work, donations and sponsorship that allows a lot of those kids to do that. So while you are rowing a ten minute piece or mowing the grass, or working Beer Fest, or parking cars at the annual B&GC party or writing a donation check remember that it just really doesn’t get any better than this. We have a fabulous place to row, the support of a great institution and the opportunity to be a part of something that might facilitate a break or two in the lives of a lot of kids that can use some breaks. I challenge anyone to find a better gig.

Sit up, keep your hands relaxed, catch the water and then push like you mean it.

Rudy Fields

Click here for PDF of Boathouse